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A Stocking Stuffer Sure to Make Anyone Smile!

We have Christmas Spirit! Every Saturday until Christmas Day, we are selecting a few lucky people to receive an iPhone® 6S!

Make that special someone smile and be the biggest hit this Christmas, just answer 3 questions to get the iPhone® 6S

Question 1 of 3: Do you plan on giving the phone as a gift on Christmas Day?


Question 2 of 3: Do you think receiving this as a gift on Christmas Day would make someone happy?


Question 3 of 3: Do you like making people happy?


We are checking your answers

No double registrations found.

We have limited quantities left

You qualify for (1) iPhone® 6S

To Finish Getting the iPhone® 6S Follow the Instructions Below!

One more step and you could be taking 4K video of the family with a brand new iPhone® 6S this Christmas!

Finish getting the iPhone® 6S by clicking the link below.

Finish Getting iPhone® 6S

Enter your information on the next page to be eligible to get a brand new iPhone® 6S. Supplies are limited, so act fast!

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Eduard Posavec

yeah, it works. like normal fone u buy from stores

Reply - Like - 0 Likes - Just Now

Harrison Mendes

2 weeks

Reply - Like - 0 Likes - Just Now

Cynthia McGlynn

and it works? like its not broken?

Reply - Like - 0 Likes - Just Now

Martha Olivier

So how long did it take until you actually got it in the mail?

Reply - Like - 0 Likes - Just Now

Annabelle Michael

like i said i just gave them my email...trying to win one for my brother now

Reply - Like - 0 Likes - Just Now

Matilda Blunt

just. wow!

Reply - Like - 0 Likes - Just Now

Florence Davy

yesterday ;) here is a snap of the prize.. i couldnt f-ing belive it!

Reply - Like - 12 Likes - November 21, 2015
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