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December 26 14:14

Every we select lucky users at random to receive an exclusive reward from our sponsors.

Once you fill out a brief survey, you may instantly claim any of the following rewards below as our thank you for being a loyal member.

Note: These rewards may be taken down at any time so act fast.

You have 2 minutes and -65 seconds to select a reward below or your spot will be given to someone else
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$500 gift certificate redeemable only on
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500GB storage, 2 Dualshock 4 Controllers, Destiny, GTA V…
2 Remaining
3d touch, 12mp iSight camera, live photos, LTE advanced and faster wifi
Karen Greenwall
Mine just came in the mail today. Thank you for the new PS 4!!
December 25 at 10:54 pm

Tim West
Thought this was a joke at first, but my $500 Amazon gift card actually came in the mail this morning #legit and theres nothing stopping me from signing up to ALL of them, which I did lol
December 24 at 4:18 pm

Charles Wong
sweeeeet! I always wanted the PS 4. Its fun surfing porn on this, lol
December 24 at 4:59 am

Naiomi Marie
Shit guys, I wanted the PS 4! Its out of stock!!!!! I settled for the Amazon gift card... oh well :)
December 24 at 3:33 am

Krissy Brooke
@Naiomi, I know! I so wanted the PS 4 :( :( Glad to get the iphone 6S still, got it before all my friends
December 24 at 1:02 am

Lexi Benz
What an amazing opportunity for an iphone 6S, holy shit
December 24 at 2:34am

Tobias Rafton
I actually saw this sweepstakes one other time and I ignored it cause I thought it was bullshit. I saw this ad again and decided to try it since I was bored... I actually got my iphone 6S. CRAZY!
December 23at 11:01 am

Li Chan Hun
this is amazing! i have never been the champion before but today I am a lucky!! News Feed i choose PS 4
December 22 at 3:45 pm

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