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You are today's lucky contestant!
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Wifi+ Cellular | 4.7" Display
12-Megapixel Camera
64GB memory
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iPad® Air 2
Wifi+ Cellular
9.7" Display with Retina
16GB Memory
0 Remaining
SAMSUNG® Galaxy S6
Wifi+ Cellular | 5.1" Display
16-Megapixel Camera
64GB Memory
Karen Greenwall
My iPad for my son just came in the mail today!! Thought this was a scam at first but wow!! thanks guys
at 12:01 am

Tim West
Thought this was a joke at first, but my gift card actually came in the mail this morning #legit and theres nothing stopping me from signing up to ALL of them, which I did lol
at 10:18 pm

Charles Wong
omg my friend said this was how he got his free iPhone, but I didn't believe him. Just signed up for $1. Will post back how it goes
at 4:50 pm

Naiomi Marie
I already had an iPad and iPhone so I just sold them on eBay for $600 profit. Thanks guys ;)
at 3:33 am

Krissy Brooke
@Lexi yes it's legit, I got my iPhone in the mail today. Fast shipping too. They have billions of dollars to blow on marketing, who cares lol
at 9:02 am

Lexi Benz
Guys is this legit?? Why would Apple do this??
at 2:34 am

Tobias Rafton
Got the iPhone for my wife as a surprise (she's pissed at me because I missed our anniversary LOL) I also got a card for myself... sorry if I took the last one i think
at 11:01 am

Lilly Hummings
this is amazing! i never won anything before but today I am so lucky!! thank you Facebook! i chose the iPad
at 3:45 pm

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