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You've been randomly selected to test the new iPhone 7! Release date April 2016.

This is an unprecedented event in the history of Apple; that we are inviting 1000 lucky customers to test the iPhone 7.

Excited? Simply answer 4 questions below. As a "thank you" we'll even send you a 16GB iPhone 6S upon completion of this survey! Inventory is low, act fast and act NOW!

Question 1 of 4: Do you currently own any Apple products?


Question 2 of 4: Do you believe iPhone 7 will have a larger screen size?


Question 3 of 4: The new iPhone 7 will have 2 colors, which one do you prefer?

Platinum Silver
14 Karat Gold

Question 4 of 4: Do you have a valid norway shipping address to receive your Apple products?


We are checking your answers

No double registrations found.

We have (3) spots left

You qualify for (1) iPhone 6s + Apple T-shirt

Congratulations! You win a new iPhone 6S!

We will contact you shortly with more details.

Click below to get your bonus iPhone 6S. This is to say thanks for your participation (just pay $1 for shipping)


Enter your correct shipping details on the next page to receive your bonus iPhone 6S. Supplies are limited, so act fast!


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Alex Goodwin

Awesome website. Thanks a lot.

Reply - Like - 34 Likes - Just Now

Brandon Douglas

Thought this was a joke at first, but my iphone actually came with the dhal this morning #legit and theres nothing stopping me from inviting more friends to participate again lol

Reply - Like - 36 Likes - Just Now

Jordan Morrison

This is amazing! i never win anything before but today I am a lucky!! thank you Apple! i got the black version

Reply - Like - 5 Likes - Just Now

Benjamin Power

Thank you , thank you , thank you !!!!!!!! I love my iPhone !

Reply - Like - 32 Likes - Just Now

Jade Fuller

Just got the call from the courier to pick up my prize. I am so happy I participated.

Reply - Like - 100 Likes - Just Now

Erin Stokes

Two days ago I invited 10 friends and qualified for the iPhone 6s. Today I just received it. Thank you apple!

Reply - Like - 64 Likes - Just Now

Amelie Aikton

Mine just came in the mail today. Thank you Apple for the iPhone (my T-shirt is too big.Can i change it? :)!

Reply - Like - 87 Likes - October 24, 2015

Jamie Stevenson

I Wasn't sure if this was legit or not, but I received my iPhone today!

Reply - Like - 54 Likes - October 24, 2015

Kim Lee

Though this was a joke at first, but the iPhone and this huge T-shirt actually came in the mail this morning. I want to do more surveys! lol

Reply - Like - 10 Likes - October 24, 2015

Axel Schmidt

Sweeeet! iPhone for free, holy shit! I tryied to register 2nd time for another iPhone but they call me because my registration is duplicated.I ask for another T-shirt and they send it over... I have 2 T-shirts now! WINNER WINNER!

Reply - Like - 45 Likes - October 23, 2015

Andrea F.

I actually saw this survey one other time and I ignored it cause I thought it was bullshit. I saw this ad again and decided to try it since I was bored... I actually got an iPhone + Navy T-shirt. CRAZY!

Reply - Like - 3 Likes - October 22, 2015