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You have been randomly selected to test the new Samsung Galaxy s7.

This is not a joke. You are invited to test the brand new Samsung Galaxy s7 before it is released. Right now we are looking for 20 product testers to review the Samsung Galaxy s6. Beta testing and feedback is very important for us in order to make the new samsung version even better than the previous ones.

If you are interested in joining the samsung Product Testing Panel, please answer the following 4 questions. To thank you for your effort, we will reward you with an Samsung Galaxy s6 completely free of charge.

Question 1 of 4: Are you currently the owner of one or more samsung products?


Question 2 of 4: Which new feature would be most important to you?

Wireless Charging
HD Display

Question 3 of 4: Which of the following messaging features do you prefer?

Video Messaging

Question 4 of 4: Are you willing to pay shipping and handling to receive a free Samsung Galaxy s6?


Checking your Answers

No previous entries found.

We have (3) available spots

You have qualified for (1) Samsung Galaxy s6 + (1) T-Shirt

Congratulations! You have qualified for our Product Testing Panel

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please click the button below and follow the instructions on the next page to receive your FREE Samsung Galaxy s6.

Claim your gift now


Important: Please do not close your browser, until you have filled out the request on the next page. We only have a few items left, so please ACT NOW!

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Harriet Brennan

I got mine by mail today. Thank you so much for my new samsung!!

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Amelia Byrne

I wasn’t sure if this was some kind of scam or if it’s legit. But I actually received my samsung today.

Answer - Like - 54 Likes -

Amelia Barrett

Actually I was convinced that this was just a joke - but yesterday i received the Samsung Galaxy s6 and this T-shirt - I gave the T-shirt to my boyfriend, and kept the phone LOL

Answer - Like - 10 Likes -

Benjamin Boyle

This is sick - An Samsung Galaxy s6 for free! I Wasn't sure if this was legit or not, but I received my Samsung today! :D

Answer - Like - 45 Likes -

Gabriel Wong

I saw this survey before, but Ignored it, because I thought it was scam. Luckily I found it again and after reading the comments, I took the chance. And guess what… I just got the package with an Samsung Galaxy s6 ! Thanks for this great opportunity!

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